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One of the most important turning points in my life was when I realized there was something "wrong" with me. Not wrong in a sense that I was bad, but in a sense that I needed to change if I wanted to have a different kind of life (I was having a really rough time back then). Soon, I was introduced to meditation, which taught me how to turn my attention inward. It was most surprising as I found a world I had no idea existed within me: the inner world. This was a big deal to me as I had lived with a feeling there was nothing I could do to improve my life.

I spent the following few years meditating five hours a day, determined to become enlightened. While I went through massive changes initially, I found out that whatever I did failed to address the issues I had, which made me look elsewhere for a solution.

I spent the next few years learning more about myself, life, and other people. I did this by studying energy healing, emotional healing, symbolism, and spiritual psychology. I learned several ways on how to get to the truth of the matter, whether it be with myself, a client, or the issues (or symptoms) we were having. My skills at finding the exact reasons for our issues improved as did the techniques to address such conditions.

The Divine made a tangible entry into my life in 2005 when I learned VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing. It was a major upgrade in every way imaginable and provided the vital ingredient needed to create deep, fast, and sustainable changes: Divine energy and consciousness.

Thoroughly excited, I spent thousands of hours on self-healing and inner discovery, attended all possible Vortex classes, and embarked on amazing journeys within the magical corridors of Quinstel. I got interested in earth healing and spent several months driving around different countries clearing contaminated places from demons, poltergeists, and other such things. The journeys were extremely educational and resulted in great inner discoveries and unique healing techniques. The trips were also responsible for creating hundreds of funnel-doors and angelic divine doors that now bring divine energy and consciousness into those places.

Meanwhile, there were other events that deepened my process. In 2008, I found HealerLink as a source for highest-level Vortexhealers and has since produced hundreds and hundreds of individual client sessions and over 250 group healings. Then, a few years later, an angel entered into my life and is now an intricate part of the healings I provide. And in 2012, there was an amazing deepening in my relationship with Amma, the hugging avatar, who has since become one of the deepest guides and influences I have in my life.



20+ years of active study and practice in the holistic healing arts, including:

  • Full-time professional healing practice for over 8 years with thousands of client sessions
  • Over 30 courses completed in VortexHealing®, including UAP, Original Veil, Q-Gate, Divine Doors 3, and Merlin's Puzzle
  • 10+ chapters from the book of Pure Magic
  • Teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® program
  • Study at Barbara Brennan School of Healing® (2 years)
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master-level practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Pathwork® Transformation Program (1 year)
  • Numerous other interests of study


Expertise / Key Strengths

  • Getting feedback from the Divine. This is very helpful when looking the root cause and other details behind an issue, illness, or challenging life situation.
  • Unique and extensive experience with EarthWorks (clearing entities and various negative energetic structures and conditions) and how such phenomena obstructs our happiness and success and impacts our key issues, energy system, and living environment.
  • A special energetic connection with an angel. 
  • Clearing viral and bacterial infections and finding the main issues behind such conditions.
  • Finding out the core issues (such as a black hole issue) influencing a person's life.
  • Finding and treating issues responsible for creating physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, illnesses, and other conditions (such as phantom pain).

Our Customers Speak

"I think you have magic powers."
-Angie Brown
"You certainly are able to tap into the universal power of healing, and I am so grateful."
-Linda Hidalgo
"I have to say it helped. Nothing else explains these results. It's just so weird that I didn't have to do anything."
-Susan Talin 
"These sessions have had a profound effect on my sense of self and led to significant changes in how I live my day to day life. Thank you."
-Francis Olsen
"Thank you so much for helping me heal today. I am deeply grateful." 
"Thank you for giving me a new life." 
-Norma Johnson
"I wish you many blessings in life as you are genuinely helping people."
-Lena Balandina
"Thank you again for your amazingly effective work with me. I am so thrilled!"  
-Shelli Kozachenko
"I've really gotten some incredible help as a result of our work and I am very grateful."
-Nancy Zak, Ph.D.