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It's time for June group healing - it was given the topic "Accepting and fulfilling your role in life".




When you sit in proper place
There is no need to move
No desire to search
No worries to trouble your mind
You are open to what is
What calls
What emerges
What prompts to act
It's a game of being at use
Clearly, willingly

Devoting, serving, following
Minding the matters of the greatest mind

It takes you to your truest core and greatest gifts
And fertilizes life with your very essence 
As you make visible what you are about at any given moment
Each moment serves as an invitation to reflect. Our life is here and now, in it's completeness. Each moment serves as an opportunity to discern what resonates with us and what doesn't, what to let go of, and what to keep. It's amazing how accurate that information can be and how well it guides us through our lives! 
But sometimes the info is very subtle and gets easily lost or dismissed. There's that thought again. Or feeling. Why is my body acting this way? Do I dare? Do I have what it takes? I feel a bit lazy. Am I ready? Is it important? What if it doesn't work? What if it does??!!

We are created unique. It's a gift others need and appreciate. It serves as an example. It shows where and how we are at home and most useful. Our uniqueness equals to freedom. We love freedom. In it's Selfishness, our uniqueness is the most unselfish thing we can be and express.

We are offering a group healing for this topic this Saturday, June 18th, at 10-11 am Eastern time (3 pm UK). Javier Holodovsky will join me to facilitate this healing. 

Registration via PayPal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 45 USD) by the end of Friday.



Something magical happens when the Divine gets an opportunity to do a healing through two healers at the same time. Their energy systems are used to create a special, powerful container that opens up new possibilities for deeper and faster transformation.

HealerLink group healings are set up this way. To heal issues, Merlin uses one of the healers to constantly increase the depth and presence of Being-ness or Oneness within the participants. This can make the healings feel very deep.

Both healers work with the Merlin's Grace healing protocol to create the deepest possible release for your chosen issue. (Merlin's Grace is the highest certification available in VortexHealing® Therapy.) Sometimes the healers are guided to use other tools as well, such as Ruunga Divine Magic, Quantum Gate, and Pure Magic. Angels are a part of each of these healings and often avatars join the healing too (such as Amma).


You're encouraged to choose your deepest issue for the healing. If you don't know what its topic might be, intending the healing to work on "my biggest issue" will work. You can also ask Merlin to pick the topic. He'll automatically pick the best one for you.

Healing the deepest issue will bring the most benefits because it's what brings you the most trouble. Such an issue is also what maintains the inner sense of separation the strongest. That's why healing it will result in more peace, freedom, and Oneness than healing something less important.


Each healing lasts for 1 hour and is done long-distance. This allows you to participate from your home. It's good to be without distractions during this time (i.e., have privacy, turn off your phone).

It's best to lie in bed with your eyes closed and gently put your attention on the issue you've chosen. Do this just one time in the beginning of the healing. After that, you don't need to remind yourself of the issue.

It's better to stay awake as it connects you more deeply into the issue, but don't resist sleep if it comes. It's better to sleep than spend an hour fighting it. Feel free to turn around or change posture.

During the healing, it's best not to meditate or use your own healing methods as it'll get you more into a thinking/healing/solving mode. Just be present and allow yourself to receive a healing. Everything will be done for you.

During the healing, you may become aware of different thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. Just let them be as they are. You can innocently observe them as if you were watching a movie. This makes the release quicker and smoother.


Experiences vary from person to person, but it's common for people to gain more clarity about the issue. Usually it means seeing important details from a bigger, more truthful perspective. It could happen in a form of an unexpected vision, thought, current/past-life experience, or emotional or physical sensation. Sometimes such details are strong enough to change how someone lives his life.

However, the effects of the healing are usually deeper than that. This is due to the power of Merlin's Grace. It does a fantastic job at transforming conditioning at all levels. It literally wakes up the issue from a sense of separation back into Wholeness. Thus it's common for people to experience an increased level of silence, inner freedom, contentment, forgiveness, and happiness. Other results include more inner peace, trust, emotional and mental calmness, positive outlook in life, better energy flow, increased energy level, connectedness (with self and others), groundedness, and falling away of issues.

Some of the changes have a physical effect: improvement with backs, shoulders, arms, ankles, stiffness/mobility, stomach ache, headaches, migraines, and other painful conditions. Some changes are more psychological: improvement with fears, phobias, relationships, anger, psychological blocks, emotional issues, and so on.

(Our clients talk about their experiences here.)

"Just wanted to thank you for including me in the group healing...there was a really deep silence during and after the healing... couldn't get out of the chair for eons afterwards...just steeped in silence..."

"Thank you so much for the healings...i have noticed way more freedom and simplicity - totally solution minded now, rather than stuck in the past story of what happened and who did what..."

"Thank you so much for the group healing. It really felt just as strong as an individual healing, really. Which was interesting to me, cause I thought it would feel watered-down... I felt renewed."

"Thank you for this unbelievable experience that took away my back pain of almost two years. It is very difficult to put into words this of deep sense of peace that I'm feeling. This is absolutely incredible! -Kreetta Hannula

"My experience with the healing was like a meditation on speed." -Suzette Kowalski

"Wow!!! This is the third healing I have participated in since you've offered them and I am very grateful I had the opportunity to do this. The previous sessions were very impactful, relaxing me immediately, tuning me inward and raising my energy level during the session. Afterwards the feeling of peacefulness would stay with me the rest of the day. There'd be a perceptible more subtle higher awareness in the days following that. Today as the group began their healing work I was immediately taken to a deeper place. I experienced a profound connection to myself, my higher self. I easily detached from the busy mind viewing all thoughts as "not me" even as immediate guidance came in response to thoughts. I continue to enjoy a beautiful sense of alignment feeling myself resonating at a higher vibration as I write this to you. You are doing healing work that is a model for healing the individual and therefore the planet. I commend you and your colleagues and support your efforts." -Cheryl Hopkins, astrologer, energetic healer


When are these healings?

We are offering a group healing on the third Saturday of each month at 10 am New York time (Eastern timezone)

(Please see the clock in the right column of this page for the possible time difference to your timezone.)


Sat 4/16, Sat 5/21, Sat 6/18, Sat 7/16, Sat 8/27, Sat 9/17, Sat 10/15, Sat 11/19, Sat 12/17

Starting time: 10 am New York time (Eastern timezone), 5 pm UK 


DEADLINE for signing up: by noon New York time the day before a scheduled healing.

How to join

Joining these healings is easy.

Non-Subscriber Option:

Get a Single Group Healing by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button below. ($45) You will be automatically included in the next group healing (see the schedule above). You'll also receive a confirmation email with instructions about the healing.




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Sign up only once. Being a subscriber allows you to participate in our group healing each month - automatically and at the comfort of your home. (We will send you a reminder prior to each upcoming group healing.) You can cancel at any time - no questions asked.

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3rd Saturday of the month


Our Customers Speak

"I think you have magic powers."
-Angie Brown
"You certainly are able to tap into the universal power of healing, and I am so grateful."
-Linda Hidalgo
"I have to say it helped. Nothing else explains these results. It's just so weird that I didn't have to do anything."
-Susan Talin 
"These sessions have had a profound effect on my sense of self and led to significant changes in how I live my day to day life. Thank you."
-Francis Olsen
"Thank you so much for helping me heal today. I am deeply grateful." 
"Thank you for giving me a new life." 
-Norma Johnson
"I wish you many blessings in life as you are genuinely helping people."
-Lena Balandina
"Thank you again for your amazingly effective work with me. I am so thrilled!"  
-Shelli Kozachenko
"I've really gotten some incredible help as a result of our work and I am very grateful."
-Nancy Zak, Ph.D.