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black hole

"This spot has been the center around which all the rest of my issues and dramas revolved in this life."  -Ric Weinman



The world of energy healing is full of mysterious terms and concepts that reveal very little about their true nature. It's a shame, because sometimes these conditions represent key points to our health and healing.

The situation with the "Black Hole issue" is no different. While it sounds exciting or even scary, it's true nature is a mystery to just about everyone out there.

Black hole issues operate along the same lines as black holes in outer space: the gravitational force at their center is so great that even light can't escape its pull. So the black hole keeps absorbing everything deep into its core, never to return.

If you look at a black hole issue, the situation looks similar. According to Ric Weinman, "it's an issue that has been compressed by the fear of annihilation into something resembling an emotional black hole--which is not in the genetic system but held somewhere along the spine, in alignment with the karmic body. They will hold the issue they represent in place even if everything else [about the issue] is gone."

If you take a trip down into one of these (about 1/3 of people have one), you may discover a place of extremely deep stillness or silence. But that's not what is going on; because the area is so compressed due to immense emotional contractions in our consciousness, the direction of movement is only inwards towards the core of the black hole issue, just like all objects travel towards the center of the black holes in space. This makes the conditions such that black holes don't reflect anything back, even light. That's why they were so difficult to discover in the first place.

But this is only a part of the problem: Just like it became impossible for even stars and planets to resist their gravitational pull, it turns out that it's extremely difficult to heal a black hole issue with ordinary methods. This is because human consciousness gets lost in the gravitational pull of all the pain/terror/annihilation/fear inside the issue. Thus it'll never find a way out, not to mention have what it takes to heal the issue. As a result, all that issue consciousness keeps actively accumulating and affecting the rest of our consciousness as well (meaning that it'll become the center around which all the rest of our issues and dramas revolve in this life). The dynamic creates a condition where all of our issues seem to be lumped together, making it very difficult to discern where to even start ones' healing process. That's why healing such an issue is a top priority.

Fortunately, there's something we can do to resolve the situation. It's an additional step in our regular healing protocol, but it's designed to specifically treat the conditioning within the black hole. In essence, it turns the black hole into a white hole, simultaneously neutralizing the gravity which kept pulling everything inwards. In that space, all the conditioning becomes "normal": very accessible and responsive to treatment. Once that has been taken care of, the issue stops affecting your other issues, making them more responsive to treatment as well.

To help you out, we'll offer you a FREE check-up to see if you have a black hole issue or not. To find out, email us at:  info  @  healerlink.com and we'll let you know. (When sending the email, delete the spaces around the @ sign).

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