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Black Hole Issue healings

It's worth looking into if you have a black hole issue. (Contact us for a free check-up.) These are issues that influence peoples' lives the most. The main difference between a big (but regular) issue and a black hole issue is that the black hole issue is inescapable: It spreads out and influences every area of life. It is like adding salt in sweet water: It makes every drop salty.

Here the salt represents one's identification with the issue, which becomes so deep that all thoughts, actions, and life situations are influenced by it. It can create an experience where all of life feels like just one big issue with no beginning and no end. And even if one was able to distinguish there being several issues, one would find the presence of "salt" there as well.

In this way, one's life becomes about the salt: fearing it, avoiding it, denying it, working on it, being haunted by it, etc. It becomes an inseparable part of one's existence and the story one recognizes himself by. In most cased, one wouldn't even know who he would be without it. And yet we are not our issues.

Aside from creating a lot of freedom wherever the issue exists in our body, mind and energy system, a black hole issue healing removes the common thread between issues: the salt. It produces an actual awakening towards our true identity and creates a healthier and more peaceful relationship with the life that we live.

Number of healings required: 2-6 healings. (Read more about black hole issues here and here.)


Spot of Non-Existence healings

Sometimes the experience with our pain can become so deep that it exceeds the intensity experienced with black hole issues. In such cases, our energy system can develop a Spot of Non-Existence - a mind-boggling condition that upholds our deepest pain and makes it the ever-present theme of our daily lives.

According to Ric (the Founder of VortexHealing®),

"These can look like black holes on the outside but a black hole is where the emotional pain has contracted all the vital weblines there into a tight, dense spot that has no movement or light within it. But imagine that pain going even deeper, so that it wants to cease to exist, and that desire literally sucks the life out of the vital weblines.

Imagine being at a party where there is a dead person in the middle of the room. In one way or another, the whole party will end up revolving around that dead spot in the room. Much as you might try to ignore it, everything you do has some relationship to it. So, whenever there is a spot like that, inside of you, in one way or another your whole emotional life will actually revolve around it."     

If you have a persisting issue that remains despite having worked on it intensely (even with a black hole issue protocol), it is possible you might have a Spot of Non-Existence in your system. About 1 in 17 people has one of these and it can now be addressed through VortexHealing. If you are interested in such healings and would like to know if you have such a spot, let us know and we'll check it out for your for free.

Healings for viral and bacterial infections

In VortexHealing®, there is a special Infection Protocol to address viral and bacterial infections. It's designed to eradicate the infection-causing pathogens, restore and strengthen the health of the body and immune system, and prevent the situation from recurring. 

When infected, the body goes into a battle mode. The immune system attacks the foreign material (pathogens) to bring the system back into health and balance. But sometimes it doesn't work. This is partially because infections are incredibly focused on doing what they do: surviving. Infections also have ways of camouflaging themselves from the immune system. This allows them to run rampant in the system. As a result, the body and immune system become weaker and more vulnerable to other infections.

Whether chronic or acute, the symptoms can vary from mild to extreme. Depending on the case, they can also exist from a few days to a few decades. In severe, chronic cases, there can be more than one infection present in the system causing different kinds of problems. The symptoms can include: muscle aches, body aches, headaches, pain in joints, pain in the chest, throat, or lungs, low and continuous fever, night sweats, sluggishness, low energy level, tiredness, increased need for sleep (feeling like no amount of sleep is enough), phlegm, cough, runny nose, and others. In severe cases, they have debilitating effects to one's life, often resulting in the formation of additional chronic illnesses or conditions, a tendency of falling sick more easily and more frequently, and an inability to work or function.

Number of healings required: 1-7 hours, depending on the situation. (We will give you a reliable estimate prior to starting these healings.


EarthWorks (entity stuff)

EarthWorks consists of healing work done to clear ourselves and our living environment from negative energies and other harmful effects caused by the presence of different types of entities and violent/traumatic historical events:

  • removing different types of entities and energetic structures/programs from people, buildings (homes, churches, offices, etc.) and public areas
  • clearing land and space contaminated by harmful, violent, or negative energies / historical events
  • making special Divine Doors to support already cleared spaces with divine energy and consciousness

Examples of such entities and influences include: demons, poltergeists, ghosts, 6th dimensional entities, 5th dimensional beings/doors, portals, astral beings and conditioning, humans stuck in between lives, non-human type of creatures or entities, specific power / manipulation structures and conditions, spells, curses, creatures specific to culture/location, and other types of entities, structures, and conditions there are no names for.

On a personal level, being influenced by the above can create symptoms, such as:

  • fear, deep despair, depression, and suicidal thoughts
  • deep withdrawal into isolation / darkness
  • suffocating or very uneasy or agitated feeling inside
  • overly negative, angry, or hostile view of life
  • having unusual and unusually negative / hostile responses or actions towards people ("I don't know what happened/came upon me", or "This is not me.")
  • inability to do anything constructive in an area of great interest or importance, such as work (despite trying)
  • unexplainable and an unusual (even ridiculous) amount of obstacles in an area of great importance (such as work) and falling thru of plans (repeatedly)
  • never-ending bad luck
  • feeling/sensing the presence of someone/something else within one's body
  • unusual feeling of pain, nausea, or discomfort in the body (e.g. head, chest, stomach)
  • an experience of being connected to "some other world or place" of hostile beings and that those beings can come into one's system as they wish
  • inability to feel or get back to "normal"

On the level of our environment, the symptoms can include:

  • very big, dense, negative, fearful, powerful, uncomfortable, and depressing energy
  • lessened ability to think in a positive and constructive way
  • pain, uneasiness, or discomfort in the body (e.g. head, chest, stomach)
  • seeing/sensing portals through which beings come and go
  • feeling like something/someone takes over each time when visiting the area or place
  • forceful sucking or pulling of energy; feeling very depleted afterwards
  • being physically attacked or touched by "something" or "someone"
  • feeling / seeing / sensing abnormal energetic activity or sensing the presence of someone else despite seeing no-one
  • feeling / seeing / sensing / hearing people who are already dead
  • seeing historical events played again
  • audible noise, such as speech or knocking on the walls
  • doors slammed shut, objects disappearing or being moved around

The healings are designed to remove the presence of entities and other conditions responsible for above symptoms. (As a reminder, the clearing can be done long-distance.)

Number of healings required: 1-3 hours. (You can read more about EarthWorks here.)


® "VortexHealing" is a registered trademark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permissioin. For more information on VortexHealing, visit their website at www.vortexhealing.org.

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