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What is healing?

Healing is that which increases inner peace, space, freedom, silence, balance, stability, and harmony. It increases vitality, knowledge of True Self, and inner simplicity. Healing focuses on the truth of the matter and encourages one to be more truthful with oneself.

The process of healing is facilitated by our deep desire to be free -- to awaken from the apparent disconnection / separation from God towards conscious, living unity with God. Often, it requires change, sincerity, and openness of the heart and mind, coupled with inner determinism to make change possible.


Who/What needs healing?

Ultimately, if we look closely enough, what we are trying to heal is the apparent separation from God. Each of our issues display that separation in its own way. While we all may share certain issues, such as fear, grief, anger, or sadness etc., their make-up (i.e. conditioning) differs from person to person. This is due to us having different backgrounds both genetically and karmicly.

This conditioning exists on various levels of our energy system, deeply influencing how experience our lives and ourselves. It creates conditions we assume to be true but are not true at all, and our deepest issues are the ones that create the experience of separation the most. Dealing with them first brings most freedom. This will enable us to live in a way that wasn't possible before.


Who heals?

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a healing. Some of them are:

  • talents, skills, and experience of the healer
  • effectiveness of the methods, techniques, and information being used
  • information obtained about the issue/condition being treated and its effect on the life of the client
  • willingness of the client to be present in the healing and face the issue and the desire/openness to have it resolved
  • ability of the healer to bridge and channel divine energy and consciousness into the energy system of the client
  • ability of the healer to be present and listen to the needs of the client
  • have an ability to adapt to the needs of the moment
  • Divine Grace

However, as far as the healings here at HealerLink are concerned, the power, awareness, and intelligence needed for the healing comes from the Divine.

Divine comes in many different shapes and forms. There are three in particular that are involved in HealerLink healings: Merlin, Amma, and Kali. Merlin is the transformative power and intelligence behind VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing; Amma is an avatar (a manifestation of God) living in India; Kali is an aspect of Divine dedicated to destructing the ego of Her devotees. Together, they work to heal and transform what keeps us separate from the Source.


Healing procedure

What is offered here is UAP level VortexHealing®, which is a very powerful and transformative divine energy healing technique (UAP stands for Universal Assemblage Point). This guarantees all issues and conditions will be treated with the deepest, fastest, and most powerful energy healing tools available through VortexHealing®. 

Although VortexHealing® is a highly versatile, customizable healing tool that can address all kinds of situations and conditions, its flagship is the UAP Healing Protocol. It is a procedure created to produce the deepest possible effects on issues or conditions. Its power lies in the recognition and treatment of conditioning existing on various levels and dimensions of the human body and energy system.

Setting up the healing starts with you contacting us. We will then discuss your situation in detail, find the best issue/condition to be worked on, and determine the number of sessions required to properly address the issue. Contacting us will also allow you to ask us any further questions.



We offer three types of healing:

NOTE: You can participate in all healings from the comfort of your home.

 A single healing (for general purposes) lasts for 1 hour. This would also be your choice should you need to have your home/business/energy system cleared from entities or for clearing out an infection.

(For infection healings, contact us to determine the exact number of healings required as it varies based on the number/type of viruses/bacteria in the system and how acute/chronic the condition is.)

2) UAP Protocol healings for all issue topics, including black hole issues and Spot of Non-Existence issues. The timings (2-6 healings per issue) vary depending on the person and the issue.

3) Spot of Non-Existence issue is the deepest issue currently known in VortexHealing®. Roughly 1 of 17 people has such an issue while one of three people has a black hole issue. 

Pricing: A single healing is $160. The total price for the issue healings varies, depending upon the number of healings required. 10% of HealerLink proceeds go towards Amma's Global Charities.

Cancellation: Appointment needs to be canceled at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time to qualify for a refund.


Life after healing

The change towards more freedom starts from the very first healing. The results will accumulate as the healing process progresses.

The end result
can be a combination of things. It can manifest as a lessening or disappearance of physical, emotional, and mental symptoms created. Life events relating to the issue or condition can become milder or disappear. There can be new sense of inner freedom, produced by an increased amount of space within. The space can be found where the issue was located in the body. This freedom then becomes a new living reality, often manifesting as an increased ability to produce desired changes on the outside.

Contact us:

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"I think you have magic powers."
-Angie Brown
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-Linda Hidalgo
"I have to say it helped. Nothing else explains these results. It's just so weird that I didn't have to do anything."
-Susan Talin 
"These sessions have had a profound effect on my sense of self and led to significant changes in how I live my day to day life. Thank you."
-Francis Olsen
"Thank you so much for helping me heal today. I am deeply grateful." 
"Thank you for giving me a new life." 
-Norma Johnson
"I wish you many blessings in life as you are genuinely helping people."
-Lena Balandina
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-Shelli Kozachenko
"I've really gotten some incredible help as a result of our work and I am very grateful."
-Nancy Zak, Ph.D.