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to discuss your situation in detail, such as: choosing the healer you'd like to work with, finding the best issue/condition to be worked on, and to find out the number of sessions required to properly address the issue. Contacting us will also allow you to ask us any further questions you might have.

Contact information:

Phone: 1-505-559 4475
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: timo.kivio

We offer three types of healing:

NOTE: You can participate in all healings from the comfort of your home.

 A single healing lasts for 1 hour (for general purposes). This would also be your choice should you need to have your home/business/energy system cleared from entities or unwanted energies, energizing and strengthening your energy system, or for clearing out an infection.

(For infection healings, contact us to determine the exact number of healings required as it varies based on the number/type of viruses/bacteria in the system and how acute/chronic the condition is.)

2) U-AP Protocol healings for all issue topics. The timings (2-6 healings per issue) vary depending on the person and the issue.

3) Spot of non-existence and Black hole issues: these are the deepest issues currently known in VortexHealing. Healings on such issues bring the greatest degree of freedom and change when addressed thoroughly. Roughly 1 of 3 people has such a black hole issue, and 1 in 17 people has a spot of non-existence issue. Based on our experience, addressing these issues take 2-6 healings.

Pricing: A single healing is $160. The price for the issue healings varies, depending upon the number of healings required. 10% of all HealerLink proceeds go towards Amma's Global Charities.

Cancellation: Appointment needs to be canceled at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time to qualify for a refund.

Thank you for choosing HealerLink!

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Our Customers Speak

"I think you have magic powers."
-Angie Brown
"You certainly are able to tap into the universal power of healing, and I am so grateful."
-Linda Hidalgo
"I have to say it helped. Nothing else explains these results. It's just so weird that I didn't have to do anything."
-Susan Talin 
"These sessions have had a profound effect on my sense of self and led to significant changes in how I live my day to day life. Thank you."
-Francis Olsen
"Thank you so much for helping me heal today. I am deeply grateful." 
"Thank you for giving me a new life." 
-Norma Johnson
"I wish you many blessings in life as you are genuinely helping people."
-Lena Balandina
"Thank you again for your amazingly effective work with me. I am so thrilled!"  
-Shelli Kozachenko
"I've really gotten some incredible help as a result of our work and I am very grateful."
-Nancy Zak, Ph.D.