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wizardqaWhy do you offer different types of healings?

We choose the healing method based on the situation and the needs of the client. Sometimes, a person only wants to receive a quick quality healing that's not only effective but also very affordable, such as our group healing. On other occasions, a lot more detailed, one-on-one attention is required. Also, some conditions require very specific tools and protocols to produce best results.

Issue-work, however, requires a totally different approach. For best results - since issues have conditioning that has accumulated over several lifetimes - it's recommended to take the issue through the Merlin's Grace healing protocol which is designed to address conditioning at all levels it has found to exist in our energy system. Our healers also have some other healing methods (e.g. Pure Magic or work with Angels) to enhance the effectiveness of the healings.

We also give healings to address viral and bacterial infections. These can cause severe and chronic health problems that significantly lower the quality of life. Symptoms often include: low energy level, prolonged fever, muscle and/or joint pain, chronic fatigue, physical exhaustion/tiredness that won't go away by sleeping longer. Severe illnesses, such as pneumonia and mycoplasma, produce additional symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, coughing, phlegm, respitory problems, difficulties with breathing, heart palpitations, and lowers the body's ability to resist disease.

Earthworks/entity work This type of work is often needed in places with traumatic or violent history, such as places of war battles or homes with severe abuse history. In addition to the human conditioning that pollutes these areas, they are often supported by entities as well. While some of them are more of a nuisance (touch people, make sounds, slam doors, move objects, or create creepy feelings), some of them can have a highly negative and destructive effect on our lives and environment. (See a sample here.) They are sometimes responsible for severe and "unexplainable" symptoms in the body that will not show in an X-ray (e.g. pain, tension, and pressure in the head, body, chest, back, stomach), cause severe emotional difficulties (depression, negativity, apathy, severe hate/anger, violence, sadness, despair), magnify some of our issues, and cause unfathomable difficulties in one's life where taking care of even the simplest tasks can become very challenging. Thus clearing places/people/environment affected such phenomena can be a life-changing experience.

Below, you'll find before & after pictures below show what happens when a place is first cleared energetically and then special "divine doors" are put in place to bring divine energy to the location. (These are wonderful to have at home.) Granted, the place itself wasn't that bad at all, but those sensitive enough to energy can pick up the divine doors at work.






Lastly, we offer Healing Days to facilitate Issue-Work in a group setting. Depending on the Healing Day, either a single issue is addressed for the whole group (such as Abandonment or Betrayal) or each individual is free to choose their own topic (we will make it clear which Healing Day it is when publized). The advantages: People like these type of healings because they focus on addressing our key issues, are easier to fit in the schedule, are cheaper (as they are done in a group), and are still very effective. Better yet, you can participate in all of these healings from the comfort of your home. We will also help you to choose the best topic for your healing.


goldplyrWhy don't you offer these healings for free?

The fees are necessary to enable our healers to continue working as a healer as they have their own bills and family to take care of, not to mention their continuing professional education. Likewise, the fees cover the costs that incur when running a business, such as marketing, legal and banking fees, administration, office expenses, website development, taxes, insurance, etc.

The prices are also a reflection of the level of skill, talent, and education our healers have. It has taken years of intense training, study, self-reflection, and significant financial investment to reach their level of expertise.


scienceWill this heal me 100%?

It's extremely difficult - if not impossible - to clear everything. But with the tools we have from Merlin, we can do a very good job.

But that's just a part of the equation. Let's say that we'd work on your fear of people. Even if we cleared away everything possible and you felt great relief (and you sensed that your relationship with the issue changed dramatically for the better), there'd still be a need to meet people. That's where you will find out for real how well the healing worked or if something else got triggered within you (an other issue or another angle to the same issue). If the latter was the case, then the next logical step would be to address that as well.


telescopeHow is long-distance VortexHealing® treatment possible?

It has to do with Oneness being our true nature. We are expressions of Oneness. Oneness underlies all creation and can be found within all points in creation. Thus Oneness is not only within us but we are It!

In VortexHealing, Oneness plays a very active role. Merlin - who is the transformative, magical aspect of Oneness and the power, intelligence, love, and grace behind this divine healing lineage - works intimately from within the healer and the client to transform conditioning back to its original state: Oneness.

Yet the effectiveness of long-distance healing depends on several factors. The first is the level of VortexHealing training acquired by the healer as each level comes with different set of healing tools (currently Merlin's Grace is the most advanced level). These tools then serve as access points to Merlin's divine energy and consciousness that can then be channeled from a distance.

Secondly, the effectiveness depends on how well the healer is able to bridge Merlin's divine healing energies and consciousness into the receiver's system. The better the skill, the deeper, faster, and more comprehensive the healing can be. This also allows the healer to perform group healings better, albeit not as deeply and thoroughly. The same goes with genetic work, which requires healings to be done in person for best results.

But even though a lot seems to be dependent of the skills and state of development of the healer, one of the most crucial ones is to get out of the way to let Merlin do the healings. This is because none of the healing energies, power, grace, or consciousness comes from the healer - they come from Merlin. Without him, doing healings would be like trying to use a toaster oven without plugging it into an electrical outlet.

Lastly, the effectiveness of the healings depends on the receiver. The more you are consciously present in the healing, the more you'll be able to get your awareness into the issue. This helps to bridge the healing deeper into your system and also get insightful, more holistic information about and solutions to the problem.


wizowlHow do you know what to do?

There are several methods that help us in our attempts to create the best possible healing experience for the client. In addition to applying the information and experience we have, each of us possesses a unique set of "sensing tools" that help us see deeper into the situation at hand. Some people call it being psychic, but it's more than that. (Psychic phenomena is usually considered as seeing something that cannot be seen with physical eyes.) Sensing, however, includes the other senses as well, plus a host of others that can be incredibly accurate and helpful.

We are also trained to be open to the possibility that what seems to be the matter (called "the original complaint") could be a symptom of something deeper. For example, a chronic stomach pain could be a symptom of indigestion, deep emotional issue (such as fear), tumor, chronic disease, or created by several other factors. Shifting the healing to address those deeper causes will make the healings more effective.

We are also listen to Merlin's guidance very carefully. Having the full view of the situation, he's a master at giving out vital information about the situation and orchestrating the proper healing sequence for the client.

When it comes down to facilitating the actual healings, we follow a special Merlin's Grace healing protocol. With over 70 steps, it covers the most important places where conditioning (the stuff from our past) has been found to exist in our energy systems. This is where the Magic happens. :-)


hydraulicWhen is a good time to get a healing?

When you really want a change. Sometimes we are ready to tackle a number of deep-seated issues in a short amount of time. This is often accompanied by a healthly inner drive to get rid of the issue(s) as quickly as possible - like we can't wait for it to be gone. This is usually the case with the biggest, most chronic issues and conditions.

Sometimes we need time to process and integrate the healings, so we take a little time off until we are ready to continue. Sometimes it's a money issue - or that we don't have the time for it in our schedule. And sometimes we can be too afraid to go forward, so we need more time until we feel ready inside.

There are also situations where we avoid getting a healing. Usually this avoidance comes from the egoic part of the issue (the part where we are in separation from the wholeness as it relates to this issue), but it can also come from an entity that's attached to the issue. This can create a situation where we are getting mixed messages and thus prolong our healing process. As a rule, the egoic/entity part does not want to change because they operate on an agenda and any change in that regard would mean the end of it for them. The messages from your heart are always geared towards more freedom and truth.

The avoidance can also come from a fear that we don't know who we would be without the issue. This could also be called the fear of the unknown. This is sometimes seen when one is afraid of leaving an abusing relationship, not knowing how they could do it on their own. So some of them choose to stay as it feels safer to be in an abusive relationship compared to having to be completely on their own.


superrabbitIs it worth it to get healings?

There is a certain amount progress and success that can be gained by putting in the effort to master different types of activities, such as working on your profession, playing a sport or an instrument, being the best spouse/parent you can be, etc. However, there are times when we become our worst enemies, and the reason for that is the different unresolved issues we possess. They tend to create unhealthy and unfortunate patterns in our lives, making certain types of events reappear time after time. For some, such patterns could be abusive relationships or fear of being who their are. To another, experiences with abandonment and betrayal. Regardless of the topic, these patterns imprison us - and usually it happens in an area of life that is very important to us.

By clearing the conditioning that recreate these issues and situations, enough inner space and freedom can be created so that new, constructive patterns can emerge. The process can be easy, fun, challenging, frightening, and take some time - but it will always be rewarding. Its biggest benefit comes from waking us up into a new state of being that reflects more truly who we are inside (because we are not our issues). So, in a way, waking up through these issues is like coming back home, and the more it happens, the more it becomes a living reality.


wizardfrogDo you ever fail?

If there was no resistance or upsets in life, we'd never look for ways to learn or do things better. We'd also never find who we are and what we came here for. As healers and a company, we'll do our best to assist you on your path - your well-being is our highest priority.

Your feedback is also very valuable to us. Please email us at info(a)healerlink.com if there's something you'd like us to do differently.


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